Caterpillar & John Deere Moldboards New Replacement

New Replacement Moldboards For Caterpillar® & John Deere® Graders
Weller Moldboards
New Replacement Moldboards
This is the answer to your grader blade needs...

Our new replacement moldboards are fabricated right here in our Kansas facility. Our moldboards have been tested in the field on real jobs and they get rave reviews from equipment operators. Listed below are the moldboards we are currently fabricating. Give us a call if you have a special need or want a moldboard for another make and/or model grader.

Click on linked moldboards below to see photos.

Moldboards Available

12 ft Cat® p/n 2607792. Fits M Series
14 ft Cat® p/n 2607793. Fits M Series

12 ft Cat® p/n 8W2768. Fits 120G 140G 12G & H Series 
14 ft Cat® p/n 8W2761. Fits 120G 140G 12G & H Series

12 ft Cat® p/n 1124520. Fits H Series
14 ft Cat® p/n 1124521. Fits H Series
16 ft Cat® p/n1504249 Fits H Series

14 ft Cat® p/n 8W8089. Fits 14G
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8094. Fits 14G

14 ft Cat® p/n 8W8091. Fits 16G & 16H
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8095. Fits 16G 
16 ft Cat® p/n 8W8088. Fits 16G Late & 16H

12 ft John Deere® p/n AU43724. Fits 570 A & B

12 ft John Deere® p/n AT168143. Fits 670/770 A & early B
14 ft John Deere® p/n AT168145. Fits 670/770 A & early B

12 ft John Deere® p/n AT169214. Fits 670 770 B C D
14 ft John Deere® p/n AT166751. Fits 670 770 B C D

Outstanding Quality - Outstanding Price



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Disclaimer: The names of Cat® Caterpillar® & John Deere® are registered trademarks of the original equipment manufacturers and are used for reference purposes only.


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